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Located in the heart of central London and bordered by Hyde Park, Regent Street, and Piccadilly, Mayfair is renowned for luxury and elegance. The Prestige of this area is highlighted by the copious presence of foreign embassies, 5* Hotels and world famous dining and retail marques. A bygone era of elegance conjuring images of Hansom Cabs and Gentlemen’s Clubs is alive and well today with increasingly wealthy foreign visitors residents adding diversity and spending power to potent mix. Madonna’s purchase of Mayfair’s most iconic pub, punch bowl it’s such an example although ownership is now transferred to the film director and ex husband Guy Ritchie.


Our gin and vodka are produced at one of the few remaining distilleries in London by a master distiller whose family business is still driving after 300 years. They use small batch stills to guarantee the highest quality and have become so familiar and passionate about them that they have christened them Thumbelina and Tom Thumb! Our vodka, produced in Tom Thumb is distilled 6 times from UK grown grain to ensure the smoothest finish. Our gin, made in Thumbelina contains handpicked botanicals including Juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root and orris. Producing an incredibly flavoursome and spicy taste. Given that Caribbean rum was one of the first fitting to create our own fine golden rum. Providencia is a blend of 3 to 5 year old rums matured in small bourbon casks from four different Caribbean Islands producing a sweet, Vanilla style with hints of banana and pineapple.

Our Company

Mayfair Brands were established to pay tribute to this age of elegance by sourcing the best liquids and creating luxurious packaging to ensure our products are highly desirable to today’s customers. Our business was founded by four partners with a successful track record in business, a history of working with premium brands and a hefty sprinkling of the most important ingredient of all, passion for the drinks business.

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